How and where to play offline poker?

How and where to play offline poker?

Both real poker tournaments and online poker against real opponents can be nervous and extremely frustrating. Online poker can be especially difficult, as there is lots of trash talking and no way to block yourself from neverending gambling process. But what if we say that poker games can be relaxing and fun? Not only can you just start a friendly match with your bros, but you actually can play poker via offline apps and games. Dozens of such pieces of software are available for PC and Smartphones, and in this text we will list the most popular ones.  

One of the best advantages such apps can offer is that the moment you install it, you can turn off your internet connection and simply relax playing your favorite game. Such apps use fake money and cannot affect your real budget. There are no special requirements and you do not need to pay any fees or prove your skills to real opponents. 

Learn Poker – How to Play. This is one of the most popular poker apps for iOS. It is an absolutely free app that will help you to go through all of poker’s basics rules, tips and tricks. Yet it has some childish visual style and the opponent’s AI is not as great as it could be. Still a good choice for someone who has never played poker before. 

Poker World: Offline Texas Holdem. This entrance in our list is a serious one. In its core, this app is designed for more skillful and experienced poker players. Strict visual design, no distracting activities, and lots of extra challenges for professional players. 
Offline Poker – Texas Holdem. Basically a poker simulator. Ultra-serious interface and focus on both obvious and hidden mechanics of the real Texas Hold’em game. The best possible choice for players who want to train their skills with maximum efficiency.

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