How to play and win in Spin and Go?

How to play and win in Spin and Go?

Spin & Go or as others call it “Spins” is a type of poker tournament that has special rules and often larger prize pools then other tournaments. It is presented on most online poker platforms and is especially popular among amateur poker players. In this text we will tell you most of the information about Spin and Go you need to know and also uncover some interesting strategies that can be very helpful for you while you try to get the prize. 

Just like any other poker tournament, this one requires more skill than luck. The main and crucial rule is not to play passive during the first blinds. Such a mistake can lead to irreparable losses in your budget. Getting a premium hand also should not be your main task during the first levels of blinds. Playing tight in Spins is a direct way to fail.

As you play in Spin and Go, your stack consists of 25 big blinds, and levels can grow every 3 minutes. It means that if you try to get a strong hand by simply waiting, you can simply be late and stay with 2 or 3 big blinds. This tactic is also related to stealing from a small blind. Also remember to fold if you see that your opponents begin playing tightly. It will be a perfect opportunity for you to get an advantage right from the start. Finally, you should play your draws with confidence and a bit of aggression, especially if your overall flop-equity exceeds 25-30%. 

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