Opening Weekend of PokerStars’ First-Ever Shared Liquidity Series Was Epic

Opening Weekend of PokerStars’ First-Ever Shared Liquidity Series Was Epic

PSPC Online, the first-ever shared liquidity series on the PokerStars US network, is off to a roaring start, with several events drawing so many players that the prize pools have almost quadrupled.

PokerStars’ first online tournament series after PokerStars NJ and PokerStars MI united into a single player pool is the PSPC Online Series. PSPC Online began on January 13 and will conclude on January 30 with total guarantees of $2.5 million over 85 events.

The series is one of the operator’s biggest guaranteed tournament series to date and the first to cover two states in the United States.

The participation has been quite good after three days. Many events’ guarantees have been destroyed, with a few events’ guarantees more than tripling.

Nightly Stars Turbo Warm Up, the inaugural event, has been the standout performer in terms of exceeding expectations. The event needed 275 registrations to meet its $12,500 guarantee, but it ended up attracting 551 players for a total prize pool of $25,070.50.

Its similar bounty competition with the same guarantee attracted 483 participants and amassed a prize fund of $21,900. Event #3, a mixed game HORSE, saw 297 entrants pay the $30 buy-in, resulting in a $8,100 prize pool, almost double the $3,100 guarantee.

Event #5, a $100 buy-in Big Kickoff with a $60,000 guaranteed prize pool, had 874 competitors for a total prize pool of $80.2k, whilst Event #14, a $50 buy-in Sunday Nightly Stars, attracted 423 players for a total prize pool of $19.2k.

At the time of writing, sixteen tournaments had concluded, and just three have failed to meet their respective guarantees. However, the deficiencies have been small, and the operator has generated money despite missing their goals.

For example, Event #11: Players Special, with an aggressive guarantee of $150,000, had 1608 players spend $100 to join, for a total buy-in of $147,614.4, falling short by $2385.60. Given the tournament fee ($8.20), the operator earned more than $10,000. The prize pool at the Players Special event was the greatest to date.

Event #12: Mini Players Special was the most difficult tournament. The event’s registration price was $10, and a prize pool of $20,000 is guaranteed. It finally received 2,264 submissions, which was sufficient to cover the reward fund.

Event #13, a High Roller Players Special with a buy-in of $500 and a guarantee of $100,000, failed to meet its guarantee. The competition attracted 212 participants, falling short by by 0.36 percent. The overlay for Event #16 was $684.20.

The prize pools indicate either that PokerStars was prudent with its promises or that its expectations have been greatly surpassed. Indeed, the prize pool has now reached $556,992.70, exceeding the original guarantees by 19%.

There are 69 events remaining with a total guaranteed prize pool of $2 million. The series will yield at least $2,550,00 in prize money. At this pace, with guarantees being shattered by over 20%, the prize pool for this series might approach $3 million and perhaps become the largest in PokerStars’ history.

The 29th of January will include the three Main Events, which will be the true test. The three Mains guarantee a total of $500,000, including a $300,000 guarantee for a $250 buy-in.

Similarly, in Pennsylvania, the operator runs the same sequence individually. With eleven completed events and $280,000 in prize money, the participation in this series has been similarly spectacular.


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