Recognizing the Ache of the Poker Blender

Recognizing the Ache of the Poker Blender

Every poker player is aware that the blender is not a pleasant location. The ultimate test of poker is a struggle we all confront at some point throughout our time at the felt. In the end, we must try our hardest to make the best judgments possible and be willing to accept the consequences.

In the actual world, there is no such thing as consulting a solver to determine the “right” option. Occasionally, there are several right answers. After all, two players might play the same hand differently and be quite justified in their decisions. But all players would agree that being in a state of indecision at the poker table is the worst position to be in. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

The History of Eddie’s Article’s Creation
My old buddy Eddie Harari wrote the essay I just published, and he, I, and our common longstanding friend Hank Nussbacher have been working on it for the last month.

Eddie contacted me with the knowledge, presented the GGNetwork security issue to me, informed me that Hank had confirmed his discoveries, and said that he intended to write an article for Cardplayer Lifestyle about it. As he and I had worked together six times in the last ten years, I expressed my willingness to help him with the task.

It was evident to the three of us that we needed to alert GGNetwork of the software defect so that they could remedy it. I enabled all such communication and kept Eddie and Hank informed throughout. Obviously, we would include GGNetwork’s official statement, which they supplied us two weeks after we requested comment on Eddie’s post, in the story.

Eddie, Hank, and I have spoken with the GGNetwork representative with the utmost integrity and adherence to the highest standards, of which I am really proud.

As a result, I take no joy in the publishing of the piece.

An Unavoidable Stain
Throughout my entire career in the poker business, I have endeavored to shed a favorable light on our game and its players. Everyone who knows me is aware of how much I loathe and detest controversy, which only serves to cast a terrible light on us all.

Occasionally, though, the line between darkness and light is not so apparent. Occasionally, you’re in the blender.

If I publish Eddie’s piece, I will expose his “dirty laundry” for everyone to see and face some responsibility for the repercussions. In addition, I have a duty to inform the poker-playing public of what transpired.

In contrast, if I choose not to publish Eddie’s piece, I save many individuals from public humiliation. I prevent any form of baseless public frenzy — that online poker is unsafe — from ever occurring since no one would ever find out. In the end, GGNetwork DID resolve the problem! It is now irrelevant. Why make a fuss over “a nothingburger”? But wouldn’t my failure to publish make me liable, maybe even complicit?

What happens if I don’t publish… and people ultimately discover it? They somehow find that there was a problem, that GGNetwork was aware of the problem, and that Robbie Strazynski was aware of the problem… and did nothing?

What if I decide not to publish Eddie’s piece at the last minute and he chooses to publish it himself on a different platform? This would be his entitlement. My fretting and final “no” choice would have done nothing, since the outcome and repercussions would have been the same. Except for the fact that I would have to live with knowing and doing nothing.

Published is Obligatory
This topic has been discussed individually and separately with my “inner circle”; the folks I know I can trust the most. Some have suggested that I publish, while others have cautioned against it. All of these individuals command and have earned the greatest respect in their respective industries, possess the utmost integrity, and have extensive professional experience. To my dismay, though, there was no consensus among them.

I am not blind to the possibility that publication will have repercussions. In the end, every action has a corresponding response. My family is also understandably concerned about me in this aspect. However, I cannot allow these outcomes to affect my decision-making. That must be pure; right against bad, irrespective of how it may effect me.

Before casting judgment on my behavior, I believe it is only fair to consider what you would do in a comparable situation. Come with me to the blender.

At this point, I’ve exhausted all of my time banks, and I’m still uncertain as to whether or not I’ve made the best option. However, I believe I know with 99.9% confidence, and that will have to enough.

According to the proverb, to avoid criticism, one should say nothing, do nothing, and be nothing.

I’ve decided to take action. My view is that although the business may regretfully suffer in the short term, it is ideal for the players and the industry as a whole in the long run for them to be able to rely on independent poker media as trustworthy actors.

And we must play the long game in poker.

Allow the cards to fall where they may.


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