What is a poker mining?

What is a poker mining?

Poker mining is the practice of gathering and examining the statistics of other players. Long-term, this information gives you an edge over other players since it reveals how often a certain player does particular actions during particular game stages, which makes it simpler to anticipate your rival’s movements and raises your win rate.

While most poker rooms prohibit the use of poker miners while a player is actively participating in the game, you may securely mine all the required data off-screen.

For players trying to boost their winrate over the long haul, a poker miner is a beneficial tool. You can play at larger stakes without worrying about playing against unknown opponents. You will get an advantage over them by analyzing their moves and errors, greatly increasing your chances of winning. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to remember that your data might be mined and used against you.

Features of a skilled poker miner

The following should be offered by a good poker miner:

Daily revisions.

the capability of online mode statistic updating.

both cash games and professional poker rooms are mined for data (to better study the actions of professional players and improve your skills)

the fewest potential delays, since you often require the information as quickly as feasible.

HHMailer is one of the most well-known poker mining services. Popular poker rooms like PokerStars and IPoker may mine on it. Since the information on low-limit games is genuinely offered without charge, novices may find it helpful.

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