What is an upstreak and how do you start one?

What is an upstreak and how do you start one?

As previously stated, dispersion in poker is the discrepancy between statistically predicted outcomes and actuality. This distinction, however, does not have to be detrimental to the athlete. Players may experience a period of continuous victory. This is known as an upstreak. During an upstreak, your winrate and bankroll both grow, and in-game occurrences almost appear to favor you.

The upstreak, like the downstreak, is something that every poker player experiences at some point. New players are sometimes victims of upstreaks because a prolonged spell of victory raises their confidence in their poker abilities, deterring them from really developing stronger at the game and depending more on what they view as “good luck.” Unfortunately, upstreaks (like downstreaks) tend to stop, and when they do, novice players confront a harsh reality.

But is it possible to start an upstreak on your own terms? Yes and no. Of course, improving your poker abilities will make you a stronger player overall, increasing your statistical possibilities of winning and decreasing your dependence on luck. Even the greatest players, however, cannot sustain an upstreak, thus there is no purpose in attempting to start one. Upstreaks come and go, but what stays is your talent, understanding of the game, and self-discipline – in the long run, all of these factors together will bring you more wins than certain moments of good luck.

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