What is limp and why is this technique used in poker?

What is limp and why is this technique used in poker?

Each move you make, each decision you take is important in poker. It is logical to assume that every decision should be rational and explainable, because winning brings money, and the stakes in poker are high, especially in professional tournaments. Yet, some tactics are considered to be irrelevant and weak despite being used by thousands of players. One of such tactics is limping, and we will tell you about it in this text. 

Basically, limping means calling a bet instead of raising when raising seems like a better move. In Texas Hold’em, players can do open-limping – calling the big plind in order to enter the pot. Over-limping is repeating limping after another limper. Such a strategy is not the most effective one, as it decreases your winning changes each time you use it.  But why is it actually so bad?

Firstly, you have to understand the tactic of stealing the blinds. It is a both popular and good tactical move that can be used for creating stable profits. If you are limping – you cannot control the pot and steal the blinds of your opponents. It means that you lose the initiative and give your opponents more chances during the flop. Sure, limping can be useful in some cases, but in overall it is one of the worst tactics with the only one advantage: simplicity. 

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